Meet Jessica 

   Credentials include:  

  • Master of Social Work from Columbia University

  • Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University

  • Certification of Career Management Coach from The Academies, a training institute accredited by the International Federation of Coaches.

Life changes over time. Who you are, what you enjoy, and who is most important to you will shift over the years. Isn't it natural that your career and your priorities should also evolve? I created Your Next Steps to help people navigate these issues. I specialize in career and life transitions - guiding people towards balance and fulfillment. My clients want to take a close look at themselves and their jobs. They want career support but expect more than traditional skills assessments and personality testing. This is where my style of coaching fits in. Our work together will involve a deep dive into who you are now, what you need, and what you dream your career and your life can be.  

My approach to coaching was born from my own journey. After 10+ years of work in counseling, non profit administration, and fundraising, my job no longer fit. I wanted to love my work again and immersed myself in figuring out what to do next. What I discovered is a passion for helping people find fulfilling careers and fulfilling lives after transitions. My style blends formal training, life experience, and a dedication to helping people find their career sweet-spot.