Do any of these sound like you?

I used to love my work, but my life has changed and my job no longer feels like a fit

I've been home with my children for a few years and am ready to get back to work


I was downsized from my last job and need to find work in a field with growth and opportunity 

My family's economic circumstances have changed and I need to make more money



Your Next Steps offers career transition coaching and life transition coaching, because changes in work and changes in life go hand-in-hand.

 Career Transition Topics​ Include

  • You want to go back to work after taking time off to care for your children

  • You need to find stable employment after losing your job

  • You're craving a role that will bring you joy and fulfillment

  • You're seeking a job with greater financial compensation

  • You're not sure whether to stay at your job or move on  

Life Transition Topics Include

  • A newborn or child has joined your family

  • You separated or divorced from your partner

  • You're caring for an aging parent

  • You recently relocated

  • You retired from your career and are deciding how to best use your time and talent